Crowfoot Wrenches Have Enhanced Features

June 15, 2007
Proto has introduced an expanded line of full-polish crowfoot wrenches with new features that make them more versatile than ever, and safer to use. A crowfoot is an open-end wrench head that attaches to the end of a square-drive ratchet extension.  Because the crowfoot is attached at a right-angle to the extension, it can reach into spaces too small for arms, or where fasteners are out of sight. Applications include hydraulic line fittings and other hard-to-reach fasteners on aircraft automobiles, and industrial machinery. In some cases, a crowfoot may be the only way to work one those connections without disassembling everything else around it. Proto has improved its crowfoot line with the following features: -For the first time, all of the new Proto® crowfoot wrenches will be made with the patented Proto® Anti-Slip Design (ASD) open end. The ASD has a locking groove that prevents the wrench from slipping off of a fastener, reducing the chance of bruised knuckles and rounded fastener edges. The jaws of the wrench have an arched surface that spreads the turning force over a 400% larger contact area than a conventional wrench, letting the user apply more force. This is the first time the ASD feature has been offered on any wrench opening larger than 1-1/4 in. -Every ½ in. drive crowfoot wrench, and every 3/8 in. drive crowfoot wrench with a 1 in. or larger opening, will now include a locking hole (designed in accordance with ASME B107.4-2005). When used with a locking extension, the locking hole prevents the crowfoot from accidentally coming off of the extension. This reduces downtime, and helps foreign object debris (FOD) damage to equipment. Stanley® Proto® crowfoot wrenches will be available in sets that include locking extensions. -All crowfoot wrenches now have a shiny, full-polish chrome finish that improves reflectivity and makes the tool easier see when working in dark nooks. It also makes the wrench easier to find if its dropped into one of these nooks. The line boasts a total of 94 full-polish SKUs: -71 fractional crowfeet in ¼”, 3/8” and ½” drives, and ¼” to 3” fastener sizes. -23 metric crowfeet in ¼” and 3/8” drives and 7 mm to 24 mm fastener sizes. All Stanley® Proto® crowfoot wrenches are designed to meet recently updated crowfoot specification ASME B107.21 – 2005.• Length 1-3/16" • Weight 0.05 lbs • Drive Type 3/8 In • Socket Size 7/16 • Socket Type 12 POINT • Specifications Fed'l Specs.: GGG-W-641E