Hydraulic Circuit Offers Independent Control

June 22, 2019

A first-of-its-kind, highly efficient hydraulic-powered water pump system called SmartSpray, is operated with SmartControl, a Klein Products innovation that uses the latest digital and controller area network (CAN) technology to provide an operator interface that is touch pad or hard key controlled, safe to operate, ergonomic, and easy to install and troubleshoot.


Unlike other water truck pump systems, SmartSpray allows the operator to control water volume and discharge pressure independent of truck engine RPM or ground speed. Instead of being manipulated by the breaks or accelerator, water discharge is adjusted using the SmartControl interface. This improves safety for everyone at the job site, reduces power consumption from the truck engine, facilitates distribution of the precise amount of water required for the job and eliminates wasteful overwatering. The SmartSpray functionality effectively allows smaller capacity truck tank systems to perform as well as larger capacity vehicles. 


SmartSpray is also built to provide long-lasting durability and value. The energy-efficient SmartSpray technology uses only the power required to do the work, saving on fuel and reducing component wear and tear. Only top-quality, premium components are used in the manufacturing process, and the SmartSpray system is engineered to completely eliminate pressure spikes that could damage the equipment.