The FTI Air FT025 1/4-in. AODD pump, part of the non-metallic line, is manufactured from unfilled polypropylene, unfilled PVDF or conductive carbon-filled polypropylene and features Santoprene or PTFE diaphragms for maximum chemical compatibility. It offers 5.8 GPM (22 LPM) maximum flow.


The 1/4-in. AODD plastic pump features a unique lube-free non-stalling air valve that is simple, rugged, and reliable—requiring no separate or mechanical pilot valve. The air valve contains fewer parts than other options, reducing maintenance time and costs. The pump also features a durable stainless steel airline connection for maximum reliability.


The FTI Air Model FT025 pump works with fluids including acids and bases, plating solutions, wastewater, and solvents. The design of the pump is quiet, rated at only 65.3 dB(A), and has versatile suction and discharge connections—with both 1/4-in. FNPT/FBSPT and 3/4-in. MNPT/MBSPT internal and external connections as standard.


This workhorse pump has a simple and rugged design with fewer components than other AODD pumps to deliver long-term reliability for users. It’s compatible with other manufacturers’ installed pumps, designed to match the footprint, suction, discharge, and air inlet dimensions of selected brands for easy replacement.

SpecificationsSuction & Discharge Size1/4 x 1/4 in.Porting LocationEndConnection TypesNPT/BSPTAir Inlet & Air Exhaust Size1/8 in. FNPT or BSPTCapabilitiesMaximum Flow Rate5.8 GPM (22 LPM)Maximum Air Supply Pressure120 psi (8.3 bar)Displacement Per Stroke0.005 gal (0.02 lit)Minimum Air Inlet Pressure20 psig (1.4 bar)Maximum Particle Size0.06 in. (1.8 mm)Sound Pressure65.3 dB(A)Operating TemperatureDetermined by elastomersConstructionWetted MaterialsPolypropylene, PVDF, Conductive PolypropyleneDiaphragm MaterialsSantoprene, PTFEAir ValveGFRPP, Conductive AcetalBall MaterialsSantoprene, PTFESeat MaterialsPolypropylene, PVDF, Carbon Filled PTFEO-ring MaterialsSantoprene, FEP/FKMDimensions & WeightsMaximum Height6-7/8 in. (174 mm)Maximum Width5 in. (127 mm)Maximum Depth6-5/8 in. (168 mm)Weight – Polypropylene2.3 lb. (1.0 kg)Weight – PVDF3.1 lb. (1.4 kg)



  • Acids & Bases
  • Plating Solutions
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Paints, Inks, Solvents
  • Ceramic Slip & Glaze
  • Lubricants & Oils