Flood-Proof SmartSonic™ Remote Narrow Beam Two-Wire Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

June 7, 2007
Princo Instruments, Inc., a well-respected, long-time manufacturer and supplier of highly reliable instruments, is proud to release its new Flood-Proof remote SmartSonic model L4660-R liquid level and open channel flow transmitters. Designed in conjunction with process engineers and users, these transmitters provide a combination of the features, advantages, and options that make them ideal for a wide range of measurement applications. They are attractively priced, at under $800.00 and units are available from stock. The self-contained units include the sensor, signal conditioner, microprocessor, totalizer and optional data-logger in a single unit housed in a NEMA 6 enclosure. The standard unit is constructed of Polypropelyne, with Kynar® or Teflon® as available options. The completely sealed Flood-Proof design prevents damage from flood conditions, enabling the unit to function normally after being totally submerged. These low power transmitters employ HART® communications protocol – which enables remote setup and access making them exceptionally easy to install and use. The L4660-R is also available with an internal Data-Logging function and for those locations without available power; the unit can readily be operated from solar panels and batteries. The narrow 5o beam angle enables the transmitter’s ultrasonic pulse to converge on the level surface to be measured with high specificity, even in tanks or vessels with obstructions, uneven sidewalls, baffles, chutes, etc. Since the narrow beam signals have outstanding focus, they can penetrate gasses, vapors, heavy fuming, and foams found in many environments that often fool other ultrasonic transmitters. The result is a reliable level measurement technology that is highly accurate, dependable, and repeatable. The remote SmartSonic transmitters provide a unique combination of advantages in addition to their narrow beam angle, including full temperature compensation, simple programming from a remote computer, and high accuracy and reliability independent of the materials being measured or the design of the vessel, tank, weir, or flume. • Transducer materials- Polypropylene (PP) or Kynar (PVDF) • Housing material - Plastic: PBT fibreglass reinforced • Process temperature- -4 °F ... +176 °F • Ambient temperature- -22 °F ...+158 °F • Pressure (Absolute)- 0.5** ... 3 bar (0.05 ... 0.3 MPa) • Enclosure: NEMA 6 • Intrinsic Safety Approval- 1 • TEX II IG EEx ia IIB T6 ? Based on the following maximum values: ? Ui = 30 V; I i ? = 140 mA; P i ? = 1.0 W ? C = 15 nF; L = 0.2 mH • Power supply- 12 ...36 VDC / 48 mW ...720 mW • electrically isolated; transient & surge protected • Accuracy *± 0.2% of the measured distance • plus 0.05% of the range • Resolution (Dependent upon measured distance) • < 80 inches:0.04 inches • 80...198 inches:0.08 inches • 16.4... 33 feet:0.2 inches • Dead Band - 10” (20’ range); 14” (26’ range); • Analog:4 …20 mA Output • Digital: HART communication protocol • Datalogger (optional): On-board data acquisition function • 14" (33' range); 18" (49' range) • HART Software for PC (EView) supplied