Temperature Transmitters-TX31 & TX33

June 16, 2007

OMEGA offers two versatile temperature transmitters. The TX33 with loop-powered RTD input is analog, non-isolated with a 2-wire head-mount which converts the RTD into a proportional, linear and highly accurate output current.  Features easy calibration and low temperature drift. The TX31 is an analog, isolated miniature transmitter with isolated 2-wire head-mount that converts thermocouple input to the voltage.  Ultra-low profile design in cast aluminum housing, this sensor offers long term stability. Both are multi-range selectable and are especially useful in process control, automation systems, energy source management, oil applications, paint & spray painting and equipment maintenance in the transportation, petroleum, construction, and national defense industries.

Price $95.00 (TX33) & $185 (TX31)

• Ultra-Low Profile Design • Multi-range Selectable • Galvanic Isolation • Long Term Stability • Cast Aluminum Housing