Industrial Wireless I/O – RioExpress from G3 Technologies

June 20, 2007
G3 Technologies is introducing the RioExpress Industrial Wireless I/O. It is an easy-to-use I/O module with integrated high performance Spread Spectrum Radio. Without cable, reliably access those remote and hard-to-reach Digital & Analog process signals for both monitoring and control. Use a pair of RioExpress modules to replicate (mirror) I/O signals for cable replacement, or use the RioExpress individually for stand-alone MODBUS Slave Wireless I/O. Built for environmental tolerance and very low power consumption, it is ideal for use with Solar Power. The RioExpress wireless I/O device features: · Simple DIP switch settings; no software configuration · Exceptional Wireless Performance, 900MHz or 2.4GHz · Advanced Communications and Power-Save features · Internal 24V transducer excitation supply · Two units replace multi-pair signal cable o True out-of-the-box operation o Self-managed wireless communications o Selectable update rate & power-save modes o I/O count: 4 ea. DI & DO, 2 ea. AI & AO (DIs & AIs become DOs & AOs on the other unit, bi-directional) · Standard MODBUS Slave Wireless I/O end device o Point-to-point or point-to-multipoint o Addressable for up to 63 Slaves per channel, 7 channels o I/O count: 4 ea. DI & DO, 2 ea. AI & AO o Plus battery monitor (AI3) o DI1-2 also pulse totalizer/rate or “event capture” o DOs timed or latched · Self-resetting fuses & surge protection · Packaged for easy mounting and field wiring Applications include monitoring and control of isolated I/O locations with no power, or impractical or impossible cable runs. Specific applications include oil/gas wellhead & facilities, water/wastewater, solid waste landfill, bulk storage tanks, pumps & pump stations, and environmental monitoring. G3 Technologies, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of field solutions for SCADA and Remote Monitoring/Control applications, ranging from simple monitoring to complex distributed control. • Indoor/Urban Range (w/ 2.1 dB dipole antenna) - 900MHz, up to 1500’ (450m); 2.4GHz, up to 600’ (180m) • Outdoor RF line-of-sight Range (w/ 2.1 dB dipole antenna) - 900MHz, up to 7 miles (11km); 2.4GHz, up to 3 miles (5km) • Outdoor RF line-of-sight Range (w/ high gain antenna) - 900MHz, up to 20 miles (32km); 2.4GHz, up to 10 miles (16km) • TX Power / RX Sensitivity - 100mW / -110dBm (900MHz); 50mW / -107dBm (2.4GHz) • Input Voltage/ Power - 10-30 Vdc, 500mA max. • Size & Weight Dimensions - 6.3” long x 4.15” wide x 1.55” high overall; Weight 11 oz. (300g)