Versatile WSO Mist Collector that Filters Water, Smoke and Oil

July 10, 2007
Donaldson® Torit® introduces its new WSO mist collector that filters water-soluble coolants, straight oil and oily smoke. The versatile WSO is the only mist collector available that accommodates all three applications by simply changing the filter cartridge to match the mist type. Being shown for the first time at IMTS, WSO provides metalworkers with a more flexible, cost-effective and simplified solution to address industry challenges such as faster machine tool speeds, higher coolant pressures, lean work cells and rising energy costs. New Advanced Synteq™ Filter Media
WSO is engineered with Donaldson Torit’s new patent-pending Synteq™ XP media that provides high efficiency, low operating pressure drop and 2-3x longer filter life compared to traditional media. Unlike conventional multi-layer media without fiber bonding, Synteq is an engineered blend of small and large fibers that uses resin-free bonding to stabilize the pore structure for optimum performance. This media blend results in superior performance on mist collection applications as the small fibers are scientifically proven to increase efficiency while the larger fibers provide structural support and clear drain channels. The New Shape of Filter CartridgesWSO is equipped with uniquely shaped oblong cartridge filters that provide up to 45% more filter surface area than pocket filters and round cartridges. The best fit in a rectangular collector cabinet, the oblong cartridge filters promote lower pressure drop and longer filter life—resulting in fewer filter changes, reduced filter replacement costs and decreased energy consumption. 3 Stages to Better EfficiencyThe WSO system improves mist collection efficiency with 3-stage filtration consisting of a pre-filter, primary filter and final filter option. The first-stage prefilter removes large mist particles while the second-stage primary filter is selected to fit the mist application (water, smoke or oil). An optional third-stage HEPA or 95% DOP afterfilter can be added for smoke applications. The WSO cross-flow filter design also provides better drainage and extends filter life compared to traditional mist collectors that have an upflow design that can impede drainage and shorten filter life. With the cross-flow design, the dirty air flows horizontally though the walls of the WSO filter, perpendicular to drainage of collected and coalesced mist. WSO is available in machine mountable, stand mount for a single machine, or ducted cellular and central systems to meet the wide range of machining center and CNC configurations.