Programmable Digital I/O Uses Modbus Protocol

July 13, 2007
The DGH 1700M series of digital I/O products enable computer monitoring and control of devices through solid state relays or TTL signals. Digital input and output status is sent to the host in Modbus RTU protocol via RS-232 or RS-485. The input or output direction of each digital bit may be set by the user individually or all at once. The series includes: D1711M/D1712 15 channel digital I/O module with RS-232/RS-485 output, H1750M & H1770 24 & 64 channel digital I/O boards with both RS-232 and RS-485 output. You can string up to 247 boards/modules on one twisted pair of wires using RS-485. This allows a host computer to monitor and control thousands of I/O points. The 1700M series is compatible with all “industry standard” solid state relay modules and mounting boards. The digital outputs are open-collector transistor switches that may be controlled by the host. The digital inputs may be read by the host and used to sense the state of remote digital signals. Rated performance is from 0 to 70° C, but will operate from -25 to +85° C. The 1700M series contains a user-programmable watchdog timer to provide an orderly shutdown of the output signal in case of communications failure. Each 1700M contains an initial user selectable start-up value, stored in EEPROM, which configures the digital outputs on power up. All user selectable options (address, baud rate, etc.) are done through the communications port and are stored in nonvolatile EEPROM memory. The 1700M series are supplied with screw terminal plugs and mounting hardware. The D1711M & D1712M are packaged in a 3.60” x 2.45” x 0.85” ABS case. The H1750 board is 4.00” x 5.00”. The H1770 board is 5.00” x 10.00”. The H1750M & H1770M contain 50-pin connectors that mate with relay backplanes. PRICING: D1711M/D1712M/H1750M $275.00, H1770M $350.00 in singles    DELIVERY: Stock to 2 weeks ARO