High-Torque MPP Servo Motors

July 24, 2007
Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division, a leading supplier of motion control technology, announces the release of two high-torque motors from its MaxPlusPlus (MPP) servo motor family. The new higher-performance MPP230 and MPP270 offer the torque users need for high-power applications such as press feeders, tube benders and plastic extruders. The MPP230 and MPP270 frame sizes increase the torque range of our existing MPP product line up to 162 Nm of continuous stall torque, and a peak torque of 513 Nm. Standard options such as a resolver and Stegmann single- and multi-turn absolute encoders, along with a 24 Volt brake option and a shaft seal, are available. These motors are UL and CE certified. All MPP motors can be customized with a multitude of features, such as custom output shaft dimensions, various front end-cap mounts, or special windings. Designed for the demanding applications found in today’s high-performance servo systems, Parker’s MPP motors offer lower inertia and higher power, all in a smaller package than conventional motors. They feature segmented lamination technology, which can yield up to 40% higher torque per unit size than conventionally wound servo motors. “Potted” stators improve heat transfer for better thermal efficiency, resulting in increased torque at the motor shaft. High-performance neodymium magnets are employed for higher acceleration rates.