Donaldson Air and Water-Cooled Aftercoolers Maximize the Life of Compressed Air Equipment

Aug. 16, 2007
Donaldson Company (NYSE:DCI), a leading, worldwide manufacturer of filtration systems and parts, offers plant owners a variety of air and water-cooled aftercoolers that are economical and provide a reliable way to remove water vapor and cool compressed air to useable levels in preparation for further filtration and drying applications. The corrosion-resistant construction of the Donaldson air-cooled aftercoolers utilizes advanced technology design to maximize heat transfer with a minimum pressure drop. To maximize efficiency, these aftercoolers use ambient air to cool the hot compressed air from air compressors, removing as much as 60% of the water vapor present. Furthermore, durable aluminum plate core design saves space and maximizes energy usage by cooling the hot compressed air within 5°F to 20°F. The compact design of the Donaldson air-cooled aftercoolers may reduce the size of dryer necessary to meet system output air requirements, extend the life of the dryer and filters, thereby reducing maintenance costs. Donaldson water-cooled aftercoolers and separators are an ideal combination to eliminate troublesome moisture from compressed air. Up to 70% of water vapor present condenses to a liquid when the water-cooled aftercoolers lower the temperature of compressed air in downstream air lines. The smooth, tube design eliminates thermal stress with maximum rupture strength and corrosion resistance. With proper installation of aftercoolers and matching liquid separators, systems perform effectively in maintaining trouble-free operation of compressed air equipment. With over 30 years of compressed air purification experience behind Donaldson, the company has developed an extensive line of air filtration products with a range of efficiencies and optional features to cost-effectively meet any application need. Prefilters and afterfilters can be custom-configured to suit the requirements of any specific application.