Simple Boxed Solutions to Airborne Mist Removal with Long-life, Centralized Filter Systems

July 25, 2007
CECO Filters cuts operating costs and maintenance for mist elimination with long-life, centralized CECO Mist Collector (CMC) Systems. Providing up to 10 years of filter life with 99.5% and higher efficiencies at capturing mist emissions, the CMC "boxed solution" collectors allow effluent from multiple operations, even plant-wide, to be treated at one location. In turn, captured liquids and particulates can be efficiently and economically collected for disposal or reprocessing. Horizontal design with side-door access to filters eliminates the need for overhead clearance, simplifying indoor installation where desired and enabling the system to be located on a mezzanine to free up floor space. CMC collectors are widely used for treating machining mists in automotive machining, metal rolling mills, asphalt roofing plants, plasticizer applications, food fryer and roasting "smoke" applications and blue haze emissions in textile plants. In addition, CECO's fiber bed filter technology has been proven for over 50 years in chemical processing applications for removal of acid and other chemical mist. Standard units are available in 18 sizes providing 2,400 to 36,000 ACFM capacity. Systems can be engineered for specific applications with special configurations or material requirements. A unique CECO manufacturing process compresses the filter media, enabling 2" filter thickness to deliver the efficiency of 3" conventional construction. This allows more filter capacity to be packed into a CMC collector, while reducing pressure drop by one-third to save on system energy requirements. The CMC Collectors provide efficiencies approaching 100% for particles > 3 micron size and efficiencies of 99.5% or higher for particles < 3 micron. Recovery efficiency makes CECO collectors a preferred choice for capturing valuable oils, plasticizers, precious metals, and high-cost process chemicals. In operation, mist-laden air enters one end of the collector, passes horizontally through the filter bed, and clean air exits the opposite end. As particles pass through the fiber bed, they are trapped, coalesce into droplets, and drain by gravity into a sump. CECO fiber bed filters deliver service life up to 10 or more years. To maximize filter life, CECO offers N-SERT® and X-SERT® prefilters to collect insoluble particulate. The side-load CMC housing allows quick access to filter assemblies. Filter beds can even be washed in place to increase performance life. When eventual replacement is required, robust filter cages and hardware allow filters to be repacked on site or at CECO's facility. On-site repacking eliminates system downtime.