P1G Pneumatic Cartridge Cylinders Feature Outside Threading for Compact Installation Requirements

Nov. 17, 2007
Parker Hannifin Corporation (NYSE:PH) introduces the new P1G Cartridge Cylinder Series, the perfect solution for compact installation requirements in a variety of industrial markets. P1G pneumatic cylinders are fully threaded on the outside, allowing them to be screwed into bores in tools, machine stands, etc. Because they require no additional space, they virtually disappear into the machine/equipment. The P1G cylinders are supplied complete with one piston rod nut and two lock nuts for easy installation. Designed for a long service life and for non-lube operation, P1G pneumatic cylinders reduce maintenance requirements and help increase machine uptime and output. Parker P1G cartridge cylinders are single acting and available with 6, 10 and 16mm bore sizes. Each of the P1G cylinders is available with a choice of stroke length: 5, 10 or 15mm. Working pressure ranges from 7 bar maximum to 2 bar minimum and the operating temperature range is -20° C to +80° C. The theoretical piston force (Nmax) at 6 bar ranges from a maximum of 15.0 to 104.4 and should be reduced according to working conditions. Cartridge cylinders in the P1G Series are constructed with materials that enable them to be used in applications requiring a high level of corrosion resistance. The piston, piston rod and return spring are stainless steel; the cylinder housing, piston rod bearing/front end cover, cylinder body, piston rod nut and mounting nut are nickel-plated brass. Piston seals are NBR or polyurethane, depending upon bore size. mo