liphatic Polyurethane Line Paint Resists Abuse of Athletic Flooring

Oct. 6, 2007
CHEMLINE announces the development of the CHEMTHANE 3900, a new aliphatic polyurethane coating for athletic and pedestrian floor systems. The tough, durable satin and gloss finish line paint is ideal for application where abrasion and scuff resistance are important. This information is according to John Henningsen, spokesperson for the company. CHEMTHANE 3900 is a 1:1 mix ratio flexible polyurethane coating that offers excellent resistance to weather and impact. This product can be applied with either an airless spray or high pressure plural component system. When applied at 10 mils in a single coat, one gallon of CHEMTHANE 3900 will cover approximately 175 square feet (4.3 sq. meters per liter @ 10 mils). To top it off CHEMTHANE 3900 is very versatile and it withstands high temperature from 180F – 250F (80C – 110C) and it can be applied on surface with temperatures from 45F – 120F (7C- 48C). When applied to polyurethane, wood or concrete floors, the highly flexible line paints will flex with the movement of the floor beneath. Plus the coating resists the effects of gasoline, oils, anti-freeze and salts while providing excellent slip and stain resistance.