CNC Machining Solution Allows Revamping

June 19, 2017
OSAI USA allows old transfer systems to be revamped for better productivity

OPENcontrol is a CNC machining solution system that comprises a few different products to allow for high finishing quality, high productivity, and optimized management of machining centers. This system allows customers to retrofit and revamp their existing transfer systems.


Recently, OPENcontrol was made available to customers of BTB Transfer Systems, an international designer and builder of CNC transfer systems. The machine had 7 stations, plus 1 station for unloading/loading, and 15 operating units. This machine had a relatively low cycle time by current standards. The solution for improved cycle time was OPEN-XL CNC with several bridge modules and a 17-in. touch-screen monitor. This improved productivity to approximately 60% while maintaining machining tolerance to within 0.002mm.


The OPENcontrol family is made with highly scalable CNCs, based on different hardware platforms. The OPEN-XL has the capacity to manage up to 24 machining processes with 12 simultaneously interpolated axes per process for a total number of 64 axes. Applications for the system include complex components machined from steel, aluminum, brass, cast iron and other materials for use in vehicular, appliance, plumbing, heating and air conditioning applications.


  • Control of 5 axes machines (bi-rotary head) by Tool Center Point (TCP)
  • Algorithms for High Speed Cutting (HSC)
  • Complete 3D roto-translations
  • Gantry and dual axes management
  • Look-ahead with 1024 pre-calculated blocks
  • Velocity Feed Forward (VFF) calculation
  • Jerk control using advanced algorithms
  • Management of tool magazine, tool life, random tool, multi-pocket tool
  • Multi-axes electronic cam
  • Cross compensation 
  • Volumetric compensation to correct both asymmetries and mechanical misalignments of the machine


Systems can be completely customized with a graphical software HMI and an embedded PLC offering:

  • Multi-tasking real time execution
  • Up to 250 tasks with 10 priority levels
  • Task cycle time with 250 µSec. minimum scheduling
  • More than 450 predefined functions
  • Possibility to interpolate the axes also from machine logic
  • Possibility to include customized functions and external software algorithms