Paperless Recorder - Omega Engineering Inc

Oct. 25, 2007
The RD9900 Series are network compatible paperless recorders with high performance and operating function employing a clear 5.6" TFT color LCD. The RD9900 is easily programmable with quick and accurate multi-point recording that can be monitored by a web browser display on several computers. The recorder can be used for various applications such as data management, research, development, remote and wide range monitoring by utilizing the Internet. This product is an Omega exclusive and ideally suited for chemical, water, and manufacturing industries. Recommended applications include food processing, chemical lab, water supply and sewage, sterilization process, and electronic control sensors in automated manufacturing.  This unit is CE and RoHS compliant.* Number of Measuring Points: RD9906: 6 points RD9912: 12 points * Input Types: Universal (refer to the table of inputs on page S-28, RD200/2800 Series) * Accuracy Rating:Refer to the table of inputs * Reference Junction Compensation Accuracy: K, E, J, T, N, Platinel II; ±0.5ºC or less; R, S, NiMo-Ni, CR-AuFe, WRe5-WRe26, W-Wre, U, L; ±1.0ºC or less * Sampling Rate: Approximately 100 ms for all points * Burnout: Disconnection of input signal is detected on thermocouple and resistance thermometer input; UP/DOWN disable is selectable for each input * Scaling: Range/scale is selectable when DC voltage/current is programmed * Digital Filter: Programming FIR filter for each point (common to all points) * Allowable Signal Source Resistance: Thermocouple Input (Burnout Disable)/DC voltage input (±2 V or less): 1 kOhms or less DC Voltage Input (±5 to ±50 V): 100 Ohms or less Resistance Thermometer: Per wire 10 O or less (same resistance for 3 wires) * Input resistance: DC voltage, thermocouple input; approximately 1 M? * Maximum Input Voltage: DC voltage input (±2 V or less)/thermocouple input (burnout disable) * Dielectric Strength Between Channels: 1000 Vac or more between each channel (high strength semiconductor relay used)