Secure and Reliable Wireless Connectivity Line

Sept. 20, 2007
Weidmuller announces the introduction of a new line of industrial wireless products designed for the OEM and process control industry. As an alternative to signal and data wiring, this comprehensive line is designed to provide secure and reliable wireless connectivity solutions for a wide range of applications – from simple Input/Output (I/O) connections to complex data-bus interconnections. This new line is provided in a joint effort with ELPRO technologies, a global leader in wireless connectivity solutions. The Weidmuller wireless solutions line includes Radio Frequency (RF) units, protocol converters (gateways), Ethernet modems, and accessories – all with CSA Class 1 Division 2 regulatory approval for hazardous areas. Weidmuller’s Radio Frequency (RF) units connect directly to sensor or control signals, are unidirectional, and provide an economical solution for remote monitoring systems. They have the ability to form sophisticated peer-to-peer networks with event-reporting messaging, reliable self-checking messaging, and a highly secure data encryption. An industrial strength transmitter unit (full 1W) gives users the ability to quickly and easily connect thousands of I/O contacts throughout a facility or across a radius of many miles. The new protocol converters, or gateways, provide secure wireless connectivity between data buses at full bus speed and provide conversion for Profibus, Modbus, Ethernet, and DeviceNet. Each unit features eight on-board discrete I/O connections that can be individually configured as input or output for added flexibility in system design and connectivity. Weidmuller’s new factory-hardened wireless modems transmit serial or Ethernet data and have the ability to send or receive multiple combinations of input or output signals, providing process control and automation applications with the ability to handle multiple applications simultaneously. A high signal output and superior receiver sensitivity also offers excellent penetration in congested industrial environments. These modems are ideal for connecting PLC to PLC, linking SCADA to a group of PLCs, or forming a wireless PLC LAN. Each modem provides a transparent data transfer with three levels of security – WEP, AES, and a proprietary level. The Ethernet devices offer added flexibility for remote applications with easy-to-use configuration and powerful diagnostics via any web-browser. To complete the line of wireless connectivity solutions, Weidmuller offers a full line of antennas, including dipole, collinear, and yagi – along with mounting hardware, surge suppressors, and coaxial cables.