Lufkin Pro Series Fiberglass Long Tape

Feb. 11, 2022

Lufkin Pro Series Fiberglass Long Tape includes three unique quick-connect end attachments for added versatility, allowing users to make measurements in many different situations.


The standard end hook is perfect for general measuring, and can also be closed to take inside measurements; the longer, rubber-coated appraiser's hook provides extra grip on hard or smooth shapes; and the ring attachment hooks onto the included 8.5-in. anodized aluminum stake for easy one-person long-distance measuring. All three end attachments store conveniently in the handle, and the stake stores securely on-board the back of the tape.


The standard end hook attachment provides the most accurate measurement on squared-off and medium-hard starting points. When the folding hook attachment is open, sharp gripping teeth secure the tape to wood and other soft surfaces. While in its closed position, it is able to accurately measure inside dimensions.


The soft, rubber-coated appraiser's hook holds the tape steady in situations where the starting point is tougher to grip. This attachment is ideal for hard and smooth surfaces, like gutter downspouts. The innovative ring attachment is perfect for working alone. Users simply place the 8.5-in. anodized aluminum stake in the ground and attach the ring for easy one-person, long-distance measuring.

The Lufkin Pro Series Fiberglass Long Tape is available in 100, 200, and 300-ft lengths. Each tape comes with a soft, sure-grip handle for extra comfort and control, and a 3:1 gear ratio winder that retrieves the blade faster to save time. Shock-absorbing cushion inserts provide extra protection for the frame, and a rotating mouthpiece reduces blade stress for longer life and helps maintain blade alignment.

  • Dual-material grip elevated above the reel prevents contact between reel and knuckles
  • Rewind reel tucks away for protection during storage
  • Versatile folding end hook for use in multiple applications
  • Open four-arm frame design protects the blade and does not trap dirt in the case
  • Lightweight case for easy handling and transport