Jan. 8, 2008
Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP), the leader in durable facility maintenance solutions, introduces its new multifunctional Convertible Utility Cart—it’s a utility cart that converts into a platform truck, improving efficiency, productivity and workplace safety. “With Rubbermaid’s Convertible Utility Cart, one cart is all you need for a wide range of tasks: move a tall filing cabinet, cases of printer paper, you name it,” said Mike Onderko, product manager for Rubbermaid Commercial Products. “And then it folds down for compact storage.”Rubbermaid’s Convertible Utility Cart is the smart solution for schools, offices, foodservice, catering—allowing for increased productivity with its 400 lb. capacity as a utility cart and 250 lb. capacity as a platform truck. Its recessed top prevents items from falling during transport and with its extended lower deck, loading is made easier and less strenuous.  Rubbermaid’s Convertible Utility Cart, built to Rubbermaid’s high standard for durability, features non-marking swivel casters for increased maneuverability and safety. Its fully round ergonomic handle reduces hand fatigue, and its flat configuration provides easy storage and transport—making it an efficient tool for any user. • Length 45.2 in. • Width 23.8 in. • Height 34.4 in. • Mass Capacity 400 lb.