SmartMark™ Harsh Environment Tags Perform Where Others Can't

Jan. 24, 2008
With RFID tags and labels designed to function outdoors, on factory floors and in metal / liquid-rich environments, the SmartMark™ series from William Frick & Co. are the most rugged tags available. Using a wide variety of materials, plastics, and embedding technologies, they deliver unparalleled read ranges in applications that would destroy most standard tags. "We've taken our proven expertise in harsh environment and specialty tag/label design and developed comparable products for the most demanding, unusual and specialized RFID tagging applications," Jeff Brandt, Executive Vice President of the Libertyville, IL based company explained. "Many of our clients are in the transportation, construction, manufacturing and utility industries and they need solutions that can take hard usage and still perform. So, we've created impact resistant, fully-encapsulated, and chemical and temperature resistant tags that can survive and function in extreme conditions." SmartMark tags include encapsulated, domed and unique Snaparound designs. With read ranges of up to 20' they offer users Generation 2 passive RFID solutions for applications that have frequently required more expensive active tags.