RenShape® SL 7870 Resin Produces High-clarity, PC-like Models, Prototypes

Jan. 24, 2008
Huntsman Advanced Materials today introduced a true water-clear stereolithography resin that produces ultra-durable models and prototype parts that are “as clear as glass” according to the CIELAB color scale system.  In addition to outstanding polycarbonate-like clarity, colorless RenShape® SL 7870 resin features a notched Izod impact strength of up to 1.15 ft. lb./in., which is significantly higher than that of other clear SL resins on the market today.  The newest addition to Huntsman’s unique family of next-generation hybrid SL photopolymers, RenShape® SL 7870 material is ideal for producing long-lasting parts that feature a high-quality, smooth surface finish and precise replication of intricate detail.  The new product is also suitable for building investment casting patterns.Testing performed at Huntsman and customer beta sites demonstrates that parts made from RenShape® SL 7870 photopolymer maintain long-term dimensional stability even after exposure to warm/humid (40oC and 90% R/H) conditions.  In addition, the impact-resistant resin features a flexural modulus of 286 ksi to 333 ksi and elongation of 10 – 22%.  It is formulated to conform to FDA USP 23 Class VI standards for use in medical modeling and prototyping.  Like RenShape® SL 7800 and RenShape® SL 7810 next-generation photopolymers, RenShape® SL 7870 resin is an antimony-free, low viscosity, stable liquid that is suitable for use on solid state laser and SLA® systems.