Feb. 12, 2008
Today ICS Electronics announced a new Ethernet to Relay Interface for switching signals and controlling external devices over a company network or over the Internet. Called the Model 8064, this new Interface adds 16 relay contacts or 16 relay drivers and isolated digital inputs to an Ethernet based test system. Typicalapplications for the 8064 are switching signals to a unit under test (UUT), routing signals to measuring instruments or applying power to the UUT. The 8064 is the economical way to add a small amount of switching capability to a test system or to a remote location to control other devices.The Model 8064 Ethernet-to-Relay Interface is available with two grades of relay contacts and a relay driver output option. The user has a choice of low-level contacts for switching analog or digital signals or heavy-duty contacts for switching loads up to 1 ampere. The relay driver option provides 16 outputs for controlling external relays or solenoids. All three models have 8 isolated digital inputs that accept +5 to +32 volt digital inputs.The Model 8064 is a VXI-11.3 compliant Instrument. VXI-11 is a communication standard developedby the VISA consortium in 1995 in conjunction with the VISA Specification. VXI-11.3 is a sub-standardthat covers TCP/IP-to-Instrument servers like the 8064. The 8064 generally complies with the LXI Specification for Class C instruments and exceeds the LXI Specification requirements by being VXI-11.3 and IEEE-488.2 compliant.The 8064's VXI-11 compliance means that the 8064 can be easily controlled from virtually any computer. On WIN32 computers, the 8064 can be easily controlled through an industry standard VISA layer and easily integrated into LabVIEW, VEE, C language, Visual Basic or VB.NET test programs. On computers with Linux, Unix or similar operating systems, the user can control the 8064 with RPC (RemoteProcedure Call) calls. The VXI-11 Specification provides the RPCL information necessary for any Unix/Linux programmer to develop the RPC calls.The 8064 includes a WebServer with HTML pages that let the user change the 8064's network settingsand a relay control page that allows a user to control the 8064's relays (or relay drivers) and read the digital inputs. An OEM user can customize the 8064's HTML pages to include the OEM company name, company logo and modify the page layouts. The OEM can also convert the 8064's prototype relay control page into a custom control page specific for his application.The 8064 is RoHS compliant and is housed in ICS's 7 x 7 inch Minibox case that can be rack mounted in a 1 U high space.The Model 8064 ships with ICS's VXI-11 Keyboard utility program and Configuration Utility for use on WIN32 PCs. The VXI-11 Keyboard lets a user find and interactively control the 8064 and any devices that are connected to it. The Configuration Utility lets the user change the network settings with an interactive menu.Physical Size, L x W x H 7.29 x 1.52 x 7.45 inches (1185.2 x 38.6 x 189.2 mm) Weight 1.6 lbs. (0.73 kg.) plus power adapter Construction RoHS compliant, lead free Connector and Headers Digital I/O: 50-pin female, metal DC shell blue-ribbon connector with locking springs. LEDs: 8-pin male header Ethernet: RJ-45 Temperature Operation -10° C to +70° C Storage -20° C to +85° C Humidity 0-90% RH without condensation Power 12 to 24 Vdc @ 7 VA + 50 mA/closed relay