Electro Industries/Gauge Tech (EIG) introduces the new advanced power quality recording features for the Shark® 200 meter.  This meter represents a ground-breaking standard in panel metering. It is an ultra-compact revenue-grade power and energy meter with advanced I/O capability, data logging, power quality, and Ethernet communication.The Shark® 200 meter offers extensive power quality functionality. It provides harmonic analysis to the 40th order for each voltage and current channel, and harmonic analysis to the 255th order for stored waveforms. V-Switch upgrades allow the meter to perform as an advanced waveform recorder at up to 512 samples per cycle. The Shark® 200 meter can be equipped with up to 4 Megabytes Flash memory for data logging. A user can independently program three historical logs, a Limit/Alarm log, a Waveform Log, a Waveform/Power Quality log, and an Input/Output Status log.The Shark® 200 meter is the latest in EIG’s Shark® family of meters, which are renowned for offering an inexpensive solution to many different types of industries’ metering needs.