VHX-600 Digital Microscope offers an extraordinarily large depth-of-field that is at least 20 times greater than conventional microscopes.  A 54 mega-pixel 3CCD Mode camera and a wide selection of high-resolution, leading-edge RZ optical design zoom lenses with up to 5000X magnification provide excellent chromatic aberration correction and superior image quality.Targets can be freely observed with the camera/lens unit either handheld or mounted in the multi-angle viewing stand.  The observation can be performed at all angles without manipulating the target, helping to reduce the time required for observation and avoid overlooking any defects.A fast 3D Image Composition Mode allows the user to obtain sharp images on specimens with large height differences that cannot be focused or observed easily with conventional microscopes such as PCBs, electronic components, automotive parts, biological and medical specimens, etc. The VHX-600 incorporates real-time Camera Shake Correction enabling observation free from the effects of environmental vibration.  Since the illumination is integrated in the lens, lighting is more reproducible making it easier to achieve the best image or compare samples.  Halation removal eliminates 98% of reflectivity.  The VHX-600 can solve problems on displayed images caused by low contrast or illumination using the image improvement function.Through simple mouse operations, the VHX-600 performs real-time, on-screen measurement of the distance, radius, angle and area of the target. Data is processed in real-time. Transfer of image data to a PC is not required and data can be acquired while changing the visual field.The large-capacity 160 GB HDD enables quick and easy storage of moving as well as static images. Images can also be recorded on the systems CD-R/RW. A UXGA (1600 x 1200 pixels) high-resolution 15" LCD display provides bright, high-contrast images. A built-in LAN enables file sharing and/or transfer of data to a local PC or to other remote locations. • 54 Megapixel 3CCD & Actuator • Industy's Fastest 3-D Display Function • Industy's Fastest Quick Depth Composition • First in Industry, Contrast Optimization