Feb. 28, 2008
Universal Controller for powered rollers used in conveyor systems.  Holjeron is the electronic controls subsidiary of Pittsburgh-based Matthews Marking Products. The Universal Controller can drive standard motor driven rollers (MDRs) or mechanical brake rollers and can apply electronic braking to Normally, a different driver/control module is needed for each type of roller. “So instead of having to buy two or more driver modules, it’s possible to use just one Universal Controller to drive all the powered rollers in a system,” explains John Mosher, Solution Development Manager at Holjeron. This not only saves on equipment purchase, but also reduces spare parts inventory requirements and facilitates easy replacement. Because Holjeron’s Universal Controller enables electronic braking for both types of rollers, it consumes significantly less energy. [Editor’s note: an electric solenoid is normally used to keep a mechanical brake off, so energy is constantly consumed. Electronic brakes on a standard powered roller, on the other hand, only use energy when the brake is applied.