Ideal solution for area detection and measurement

Feb. 22, 2008
When you want to accurately detect or measure slimor small objects, the versatile IDEC-DS AS1 or DS1 Area Sensors are the answer! Withthe respective ability to detect objects as small as a 0.2mm thickness, and to detect andmeasure objects of different shapes and sizes, these sensors are perfect for a wide rangeof applications.AS1 photoelectric light grids utilize a precise crossed-beam detection method that enablesdetection of even the slimmest objects, with 0.2 mm thickness, inside a 100 mm height,over operating distances reaching 2.1m between emitter and receiver. Thanks to a shortresponse time, the ultra-compact AS1 light grids are just the area sensor for fast conveyorlines or for applications requiring detection and counting of objects in random positions,such as sheet (paper, wood, metal) or envelope detection.DS1 Detection and Measurement Light Grids with Analog Output, on the other hand, offera compact multi-beam light grid suitable for detection and measurement of objects withdifferent shapes and sizes with high accuracy and resolution. DS1 is available with 150mmheight, 5mm resolution and an operating distance of 2.1m. A response time of less than3ms, allows installation on the fastest machines and processes, and an analog 0-10Voutput means you can measure the size, shape or height of an object. You stay in controlof the position of your products because the sensor will immediately detect if theorientation is wrong. For instance if a bottle has fallen over or a box does not have its lidsecured.IDEC-DS AS1 and DS1 area sensors offer the best detection and measurement methodsfor the money. The emitter and receiver are even electrically synchronized offering youthree scanning methods, which also means no external drivers are required. For a highresolutionarea sensor with quick response time, check out the new IDEC-DS areasensors and experience precision detection at its best.