INFINITE 2.0 Series Measuring Arm

April 1, 2008
ROMER Inc., a Hexagon Metrology company, today unveiled their all-new INFINITE 2.0 Measuring Arm with raise-the-bar features to enhance usability and expand worksession productivity. The new portable arm is packed with ROMER-exclusive features including TESA Kinematic probes, a redesigned Ergonomic Wrist with an integrated USB digital camera, an innovative SpinGrip, a new Probe Holster and upgraded WiFi with a wireless range up to 200 feet away, even through walls. The sleek, redesigned six- and seven-axes arms offer high precision probing and optional scanning capabilities for mobile measurement, inspection, and reverse engineering on the shop floor or in the metrology lab. Available in measuring ranges from 4 to 12 feet, the new ROMER 4 foot Arm measures to ± .016mm (0.0006”) in the Volumetric Length Accuracy Test.  ROMER portable arms are crucial to maintaining both part quality and manufacturing productivity in over 100 different industries in 36 countries: automotive, aerospace, ship/ boat building, military, off-highway vehicles, tube bending, furniture, machine shops, stamping plants, die shops and many other industrial markets. “ROMER's advancements in the INFINITE 2.0 arm set the industry bar very high for years to come. This new era of portable Measuring Arm technology is all about small details that make a huge impact on productivity. These high performance improvements propel us to the forefront of the PCMM market and far beyond our competition" states Paul Evans, Product Manager for ROMER, Inc. "The INFINITE 2.0 arm has exceeded our goal of opening new efficiencies for the metrology user on the factory floor."   Kinematic Probes Top Unique-to-the-Industry Enhancement List The new ROMER arm series now integrates advanced Kinematic Probes with TESA  Swiss-made Bridge CMM-Class multiwire connectors, which combine carbon fiber  construction with automatic probe recognition. When an operator needs to change a probe during a worksession, the “plug and measure” probes are automatically  identified by the inspection software, and do not require re-calibration.  When a new tip is needed, the probe is easily re-calibrated in the field.   Small Touches = Big Usability With an eye on small nuances, the 6-axes INFINITE 2.0 arm has incorporated enhancements that streamline each measurement/inspection worksession. The first innovation is a redesigned Ergonomic Wrist that is smaller in size and incorporates tactile selection buttons. This new design includes a very handy integrated USB digital camera used to document work set-ups, and an LED work-light. The new SpinGrip ushers in another major usability feature. Two infinite-rotating grips are located on the arm at the elbow and forearm, and provide low friction grip positions for better ergonomics. The SpinGrips, combined with ROMER’s exclusive “Zero-G” pneumatic counterbalance allows the CMM to literally float  in the operator’s hands, even above and below centerline, to minimize operator  fatigue and maximize accuracy. INFINITE 2.0 also offers a new Probe Holster located at the base of the arm to provide fast user access, and convenient storage of probes. The holster includes slots to snap-in 3 probes and a change key. A bonus feature is the  product's unique quick-change mounting system that can be attached to many  types of bases including fixed, magnetic, and vacuum mounts, as well as tripods  and Brunson stands. The INFINITE series arms also include ROMER's patented infinite rotation for inspection of hard-to-reach areas. Only ROMER provides a NIST-traceable calibrated length standard with each arm to easily verify and document system performance for ISO or vendor requirements.  Travel-Ready Portable Arm The ultra portable INFINITE 2.0 series is comprised of advanced carbon fiber  and aluminum construction, which translates into a very lightweight shop floor inspection device that is less than 20 lbs. The arm's Lithium-Ion rechargeable  battery and upgraded 802.11g WiFi communication provides “INFINITE” cable-free  operation in a variety of shop floor applications. The entire solution fits  into a customized, sturdy, rolling travel case weighing only 50 lbs. This  travel-ready container can be transported readily from one job site to another  in a standard-size station wagon.