Model TFS4-720 “Twist & Flex” Fiberoptic Borescope

March 27, 2008
Titan Tool Supply, Inc., Buffalo, New York, announces the introduction of its new model TFS4-720 flexible borescope. The new borescope offers high-resolution 17,000 optical fiber imaging bundle with the capability of twisting the image bundle via a 90° mirror tip that allows 360° view of the interior. According to the company, the new “twist & flex” fiberscope features multi-coated, high-resolution optics that provide a sharp, clear image covering the entire field of view. The unit includes a 1.25-watt high-intensity LED battery handle and 90° mirror tip to provide a complete portable inspection kit.    Designed for inspection of hard-to-access areas and quality control in aerospace, casting, fleet maintenance and general manufacturing applications, Titan Tool states that the new TFS4-720 flexible borescope has a diameter of 0.170” (4.2mm), flexible length of 28.35” (720mm), 45° field of view, and focal length of 0.200” (5mm) to infinity. An LED battery handle (3AAA) batteries provides illumination and a 90° right angle viewing tip is included. Maximum operating temperature is 150°F (66°C). The unit is waterproof with oil and fuel-resistant sheathing and is packaged in a foam-fitted plastic carrying case for convenience and portability. The price of the TFS4-720 borescope is $2,395.00, far less than comparable scopes, according to Titan Tool.    Accessories and options include a fiberoptic illuminator with a 150W quartz halogen lamp, fiber bundle to connect the illuminator to the borescope, video adapter, digital camera adapter, and a 90° mirror tip to allow for right angle viewing, plus a 110° mirror tip to allow for rear oblique viewing.• Diameter:0.170" (4.2mm) • Flexible Length:28.35" (720mm) • Minimum Bend Radius:1.18" (30mm) • Illumination: LED Battery Handle (3AAA) Batteries included • Field of View:45° • Sideways viewing: 90° right angle viewing tip included. • Focal Length:0.200" (5mm) to Infinity • Maximum Temperature:150°F (66°C) • Waterproof, oil & fuel resistant sheathing • Foam fitted plastic carrying case included.