Weld Tip Inspection System – Health Insurance for Welding Cells

March 18, 2008
The Orbitform Group recently released a breakthrough product for robotic spot welding - the Weld Tip System (WTS). WTS is a revolutionary new tool that inspects spot welding electrodes (tips) and ensures that face diameters and general appearance meet acceptance criteria. Ensuring weld tip quality is one of the most critical factors in producing high quality, consistent spot welds. By incorporating state-of-the-art CURE® technology (Concurrent Universal Recognition Engine memory processing architecture), WTS provides an effective and easy way to implement solutions. Welding engineers and business managers consider WTS a requirement for all spot welding cells, putting critical ROI information at their fingertips. WTS offers significant cost savings and cost avoidance potential including: • Cost savings from decreases in downtime and labor costs associated with non-optimized processes and tip quality management. • Cost avoidance when WTS acts as a constant set of eyes on the welding process. The risk of quality issues associated with spot welds, especially for safety components, can be very costly to manufacturers. The financial and corporate consequences of weld spills create the need for a product like WTS. Moreover, while it is good practice to use tip dressers and stepper profiles, they offer a false sense of security when the condition of weld tips is not monitored. For traceability and tip management purposes, WTS can store images of inspected tips.