April 8, 2008
Red Lion Controls, Inc. announces their expanded line of rugged thermocouples and RTD temperature sensors, with more than 50 new sensor models available in various sizes and configurations. Sensors can be easily combined with temperature meters, controllers and a complete line of accessories—including connectors, transmitters and extension wires—to deliver robust solutions for a wide range of temperature measurement and control requirements. Thermocouple and RTD sensor models offer numerous configurations for increased versatility in diverse applications. Models include a series of quick-disconnect temperature probes featuring both miniature and standard size connector terminations. Probes are available in numerous calibration types, sheath materials and diameters and are supplied with a mating female connector. New RTD sensor models, utilizing the latest technology to provide high-performance temperature sensing with outstanding accuracy, include the TMPRT001 surface mount sensor with an advanced design that easily withstands high vibration environments. Plus, the new TMPRTOO2 pipe plug RTD sensor delivers reliable operation in pressure vessel applications. Both RTD sensors feature optional mini-connectors for simple installation. In addition, Red Lion offers numerous thermocouple models with extensive temperature sensing ranges, including the TMPKC high temperature model, which additionally provides exceptional flexibility and abrasion resistance. Also, the TMPKU handheld utility thermocouple features a retractable cable with superior memory and a subminiature connector for use with handheld thermometers. Plus, TMPKTJ transition joint probes—featuring a spring strain relief at the “cold” end—prevent pinching of the thermocouple wire. “With 50 new thermocouple and RTD sensor models, Red Lion now offers the diversity to act as a single source for challenging temperature sensing applications including pressure vessel, extruders/molding and packing machines,” said Jeff Thornton, Red Lion product manager. “Plus, a complete line of accessories and rugged construction provide exceptional flexibility and durability further enhancing our rugged, complete line of temperature meters and controllers.” Sensor models are compatible with an extensive variety of optional connectors, making sensors simple to install and use for plug-and-play operation in many applications. TMPTRN 2-wire connectors feature built-in signal amplifiers to convert signals to a standard 4 to 20 mA output for use with J, K, and T type thermocouples, and connectors are available to accommodate RTD sensors as well. Additionally, TMPCN standard size and miniature quick-disconnect connectors come in both male and female termination options for use with ANSI type J, K, T or E thermocouples. • Temperature – 73 degree C to 260 degree C • Sensing Element – 100 ? at 0 degree C • Accuracy – 0.12% • Responsible time – less than 0.9 sec • Lead wire – 10 foot 26 AWG