Battery Powered Car Pusher for pushing cars, a truck, bus, campers, or anything on wheels

April 23, 2008

DJProducts of Minneapolis, manufacturers of walk-behind battery powered tugs and platform trucks, has introduced a Car Pusher specifically for pushing stalled cars, truck, bus, campers, or anything on wheels. Called the Car Caddy®, this pusher is designed for automotive, bus, and truck repair centers, dealers, manufacturers, and government highway service organizations.

The most common application requiring a CarCaddy Car Pusher is pushing a stalled vehicle in and out of a service center, off the highway, or down an assemble line. The pusher power, size, maneuverability, and price tag make it an extremely extractive solution when compared to alternative methods of moving a wheeled car, bus, or truck.

Features unique to the CarCaddy Car Pusher over competing products of its kind are its weight, size, and strength. Although it is small and compact, it weighs nearly 750 lbs. The CarCaddy®'s weight advantage allows it to easily PULL most vehicles from their parking spot without relying on transferred weight from the cars bumpers to gain its traction. Most stalled vehicles are generally parked up against a fence or another car, not allowing access to its back bumper. The pulling feather of the CarCaddy Car Pusher is a “MUST HAVE” feature for most auto repairs centers.

For more detailed information, along with pictures and a video on the solution that solved this application, please visit theCar Pusher.