HyLink Wireless Lighting Control Controls Lights From Anywhere

Aug. 31, 2019

HyLink Wireless Lighting Control Solution enables considerable energy savings and lowers operating costs by automating, customizing, and controlling the behavior of lights. Built for easy installation and use, HyLink doesn’t necessarily require internet access and can scale to hundreds of lights, all controlled by a single site controller. The solution is powered by an encrypted, self-forming, self-healing, SNAP Mesh Network and provides a reliable and secure foundation for your Lighting Network.


There are multiple ways you can control the lights through HyLink - from your laptop, tablet or a smartphone. It provides a secure connection to site controller via Wi-Fi and or LAN. The robust wireless mesh technology-HyLink continually monitors the wireless network and generates alerts on any issues found. The system stores power data, alarms, and critical events locally for maintenance and troubleshooting and provides California Title 24 compliant daily schedules. Occupancy and ambient light sensor integration allow full lighting network customization under a variety of situations and applications with programmable schedules and easy setup, HyLink is the perfect solution for your lighting control needs. Simply configure it and let it run.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Solutions in a Single Eco-System - No Need for Separate Control Systems
  • Maximize Energy Savings - Graphing of Power Consumption and Voltage
  • Site-Based Control. Functions with and without an active Internet Connection
  • Robust and Secured Connection to Site Controller via Wi-Fi and/or LAN. Cloud Platform allows for Multiple Sites to be Managed in a Single User Interface
  • True Wireless MESH Technology
  • Data and Events Stored behind Firewall on Local Site Controller
  • Control from your Laptop, Tablet or a Smartphone
  • Flexible Control Solutions - Control Individual Luminaire or Groups of Luminaires
  • Multiple Zones, Behaviors, and Events
  • Fully Integrated Lighting Management System
  • Power Monitoring
  • Energy Reporting
  • Task Tuning: Put light where you need it when you need it
  • Daylight harvesting
  • BMS Integration
  • Backbone for other Networks
  • Fully Scheduled System (365 Days) based on Automated Schedules or Events. Built-in astronomical clock eliminates need for manually adjusting timers
  • Limitless Flexibility and Customization
  • Meet Government Requirements
  • DLC Qualified Products Listed (QPL)