Twist-A-View Borescope

April 25, 2008
Lenox Instrument Company, the manufacturer of the original borescope, today announced the offering of a new flexible fiberoptic orbital probe borescope. The new Twist-A-View Borescope allows for full 360 degree inspections of tight, restricted areas with a simple twist of the scope. “We wanted to provide users with a versatile, affordable, and portable flexible borescope that could be depended upon for a wide range of visual inspection uses,” said Paul Lang, vice president of Lenox Instrument Company. “The new Twist-A-View Borescope is a fully featured fiberoptic borescope that is capable of performing the same duties as an articulated flex scope and a rigid borescope.”The 360 degree rotation is made possible by a 90 degree right angle viewing adaptor, which is supplied with the Twist-A-View Borescope. In addition, at just 4mm (.157”) in diameter, the 28 inch Twist-A-View Borescope can be ‘snaked’ into tight locations requiring visual inspections. High resolution is produced by 17,000 fiber optic pixels, which deliver an image nearly equal in quality to those delivered from rigid borescopes. An achromatic eyepiece provides users a crisp image covering the entire field of view.Further enhancing the Twist-A-View Borescope’s visual inspection capabilities is a portable, battery operated LED light source. The LED delivers a bright white light at 5500 degrees Kelvin with a light intensity of 20,000 lux at a distance of 16mm (.629”), illuminating even the darkest areas.“The Twist-A-View Borescope represents a great value for users seeking a borescope that offers all of the sharpness and capabilities of a rigid borescope, but requiring the versatility of a flexible scope,” said Lang. “We expect the new borescope will be priced at less than $2000.”Ideal for a wide range of inspection applications, the portable Lenox Twist-A-View Borescope and LED light source are used to inspect for corrosion, leaks, cracks, stress, wear, blockages, deposits, and debris, and are recommended for inspecting turbine, gas or diesel engines, combustion chambers, pumps and valves, pipelines, tubing, castings, and machined parts. The Twist-A-View Borescope is both waterproof and resistant to oil and fuel. With a bend radius of 30mm (1.18”) the Twist-A-View Borescope has a working distance from 5mm (.197”) to infinity, and a field of view of 40 degrees.