April 23, 2008
Two new energy-saving, cost-effective microprocessor-based controllers for conveyor systems -- a Low Pressure Accumulation Controller and a Universal Controller for powered rollers or mechanical brake rollers are now available. Matthews is showing three new marking devices – the new low-maintenance I-Mark™ C84 continuous ink jet for small character marking, a newly expanded I-Mark™ SX32 low-cost drop-on-demand ink jet controller with double the memory of previous models, and the new I-Mark™ V84 drop-on-demand ink jet controller, capable of driving up to four print heads and featuring an easy-to-use large color touch screen interface. NEW customizable Low Pressure Accumulation (LPA) Controller ;The just-announced LPA controller for 24 volt DC powered roller conveyors can be implemented for loads from as low as 5 lbs up to those weighing hundreds of pounds. Unlike many on the market, Holjeron’s LPA modules can be customized for a variety of applications, depending on weight, speed, size and material. Because they communicate the status of loads over off-the-shelf CAT 5/5E/6 patch cables, installation is much simpler and less costly than those using proprietary hardware. LPA is a method of accumulating product on a conveyor system where items are allowed to stack up against each other. This makes for efficient use of conveyor space, especially for in feed lines. LPA is approximately 40% less costly than Zero Pressure Accumulation (where individual products on the conveyor do not touch) because sensors are not required to detect the presence or absence of product in a zone In addition to the cost of sensors themselves, LPA also saves on the wiring costs for those sensors.; Holjeron’s LPA modules detect the presence of product by sensing changes to the current going to the Microroller™ powered roller, and they stop the roller when a static load is detected. NEW Universal Controller for both motor-driven and mechanical rollers Holjeron’s new Universal Controller can drive standard motor driven rollers (MDRs) or mechanical brake rollers and can apply electronic braking to; Normally, a different driver/control module is needed for each type of roller. ; “Instead of having to buy two or more driver modules, it’s possible to use just one Universal Controller to drive all the powered rollers in a system,” explains John Mosher, Holjeron’s Solution Development Manager.; This not only saves on equipment purchase, but also reduces spare parts inventory requirements and facilitates easy replacement. Because Holjeron’s Universal Controller enables electronic braking for both types of rollers, it consumes significantly less energy. [Editor’s note: an electric solenoid is normally used to keep a mechanical brake off, so energy is constantly consumed. Electronic brakes on a standard powered roller, on the other hand, only use energy when the brake is applied. The LPA Control Module and Universal Controller are the latest additions to Holjeron’s ZoneLink™ family of control modules and subsystems, which feature advanced control capabilities and diagnostic features, as well as being the easiest to install and configure, resulting in the lowest installed cost. According to Mosher: “24 volt DC motor driven roller conveyor systems offer important benefits over AC driven live roller or belt conveyor systems: they consume far less energy, are safer, quieter and easier to configure and maintain”.