Motion control couplings

April 30, 2008
The most reliable coupling manufacturer in the U.S. and throughout the world, offers the motion control market a new level of precision, service and quality. Lovejoy, Inc., of Downers Grove, Illinois, introduces its new line of motion control couplings, in several different styles, including Beam, Oldham, Mini-Jaw, Bellows, Mini-Soft, Mini-Disc and Curved Jaw. The Lovejoy couplings provide accurate transfer of motion between two rotating shafts, compensating for parallel, angular and axial misalignments, with a wide selection available to tailor the fit of any manufacturing facility’s internal tolerance ranges. This wide selection of Lovejoy motion control couplings spans multiple market segments with zero backlash requirements, including printing, pharmaceuticals, packaging, robotics and metal cutting machine tools, to name a few. For harsh environments, maximum temperature tolerances on some styles reaches 300F. High-speed operations can look to the GS Curved Jaw mini-coupling, with a maximum 31,800 RPM. While the Bellows clamp style coupling specifically addresses higher torque and bore capacities.