EX-RC1 remote I/O adapter

May 14, 2008
The new EX-RC1 remote I/O adapter by Unitronics allows multiple adapters to connect to a single Programmable Logic Controller with up to 8 standard expansion modules to each adapter via CANbus.By expanding distributed control capabilities and I/O support to a maximum of 512 points, the EX-RC1 allows the Vision PLC’s to be used in larger machines and systems, such as conveyors, paper handling and printing. Using the EX-RC1 now allows the Vision units to be placed at a convenient operator stand, and distributes I/O’s in different locations on the machine with a single CANbus cable running between the units. Through the CANbus network, a distance of up to 1000m can be achieved. For maximum system flexibility it is also possible to connect several PLCs and several expansion adapters, in one CANbus network.To simplify the development of the main control application on the PLC, this “smart” unit enables the creation of local basic logic relevant to the I/O’s that are attached to it. Another convenient feature of the EX-RC1 is Automatic configuration. When connected to digital I/O’s only, it will automatically recognize the modules that are attached to it, and no further configuration is required. Configuration is only required if one wishes to connect the EX-RC1 to analog/temp/LC modules.The EX-RC1 connects to Unitronics comprehensive I/O module series, and is supported by the Vision PLC & HMI line. It enables machine builders andautomation integrators to enjoy the benefits of the Vision products, now with more I/Os and further system design flexibility.