WIKA Instrument Corporation introduces its new Type A-10 industrial transmitter, the latest addition to WIKA’s expansive line of electronic pressure instrumentation. In addition to offering high quality and reliability at a competitive price, Type A-10 has short lead times that are measured in days. All of these outstanding attributes are the result of state-of-the-art production technologies, fewer component parts, and one-piece flow assembly.   The tested and proven technology of the Type A-10 offers industry leading reliability. Type A-10 is specifically engineered to withstand harsh operating conditions such as shock and heavy vibration. Type A-10’s construction is resistant to mechanical damage and eliminates stress on the pins of the piezo-sensor. There are very few potential error sources, reducing the failure rate to a minimum.   WIKA has developed Type A-10 for general industrial applications such as mechanical engineering, machine tools, hydraulics/pneumatics, pumps and compressors.    Simple installation, ease of set-up and operation, combined with an excellent price/performance ratio, set the new Type A-10 apart from the competition.