Smart Flex Effector Makes Robots More Sensitive

March 15, 2023
Bosch Rexroth's end effector is a retrofittable module with sensors and kinematics in six independent DoF.

The Smart Flex Effector is a sensor-based module that gives robots and Cartesian linear systems human-like sensitivity. Due to a kinematics system that works independently in 6 DoF, the tactile device with sensitive touch records the position of the workpiece and passes the information to the robot control unit for active compensation purposes.


The end effector can be used to recognize positional deviations and determine the exact position of the object. The robot accurately picks up assembly or handling objects, positions them, and places or sorts them. Even parts made of glass or other fragile materials can be handled safely. To ensure maximum productivity, the compensation module can be actively moved into the zero position and electromechanically locked for fast transfer runs.


The Smart Flex Effector offers an RS-485 interface as well as an I/O interface for exchanging data. For a passive compensation function, the effector is screwed to the robot flange and the gripper. The locking function and data transmission are available as soon as the unit is connected to the power supply and the control system.


Typical applications include joining processes with minimal tolerances, complex assembly work or difficult handling tasks. Errors and rejects are minimized, and teaching and commissioning can be carried out easily and quickly.

  • Tactile technology
  • Universal use
  • High travel speeds and cycle times
  • Can be retrofitted at any time
  • Robots, Cartesian systems
  • Six degrees of freedom
  • Electromechanical locking of the module
  • Internal calculation of the Cartesian deviation from the point coordinate
  • Axial angle equalization XY ± 3,4-deg.; Z ± 6,8-deg.
  • Compensation XY ± 3,0 mm; Z -3,0 mm
  • IP54
  • Handling weight up to 13 lb. (6 kg)