EFC-02 Robotic Electric Force Compliance System

May 24, 2023
Suhner's robotic end effector connects a robot with any grinding machine to deliver constant force during grinding, sanding, and deburring processes.

The fully electric EFC-02 delivers precise, constant force throughout robotic grinding, sanding, and deburring processes for consistent surface quality in grinding applications.


The end-of-arm tool connects a grinding machine—angle grinders, orbital sanders, angle polishers, straight grinders, and others—to the robot for material removal or surface finishing even in tight or narrow spaces. It also allows high-frequency measurements to monitor force and acceleration throughout the process. An advanced control algorithm then dynamically adjusts force and automates grinding processes based on pre-programmed parameters.


The tool provides simple robot programming with a web-based interface or Fieldbus communication including defining target force, payload, and stroke values. An LED indicator tells users whether the grinding wheel is in contact with the surface or not and when the stroke is at 50% to ensure maximum compensation, among other critical operational information. The EFC-02 even lets users know when maintenance is needed.


The EFC-02 active compliance system is compatible with Suhner's end effectors, including angle grinders, orbital sanders, angle polishers, and straight grinders. Optional automatic changers for abrasives or belts are also available.

 Type Electric Force Compliance System Power Supply 48V DC/1 A Communication Interface ModBus TCP LED Indication Status, Operator Feedback Power M12 socket, A-coded, 4-position Signal M12 plug, D-coded, 4-position Assembly Robot Side 100 – 6 – M8
 80 – 6 – M8
 50 – 4 – M6 Cobots
 (ISO 9409-1) Assembly Tool Side 80 – 6 – M8 (ISO 9409-1) Weight 9 lb. (4 kg) Cross Section Ø 5 in. (138 mm) Max. Height 8 in.(198 mm) Class IP54