June 19, 2008
Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP), the leader in durable facility maintenance solutions, introduces its new line of Motorized Tilt Trucks—a safer and more productive solution for material handling.“Rubbermaid’s motorized tilt trucks deliver immediate benefits: they save time, money and wear-and-tear on workers,” said Mike Onderko, product manager for Rubbermaid Commercial Products.  “Now, our customers can move heavy loads without running off to find a pallet jack or forklift, or worse, asking an employee to manhandle heavy bulk.” With Rubbermaid’s Motorized Tilt Trucks, transporting and maneuvering heavy loads is easier and safer.  The battery powered Tilt Truck has a drive speed of one to three mph to cover a variety of surfaces and terrain. It offers up to 5 hours or 15 miles of operation on a single charge with only an 8-hour recharge requirement. And charging is made possible via a carry along charger from any standard 110V outlet.These new, powered Tilt Trucks are the smart solution for theme parks, stadiums, convention centers, airports and manufacturing facilities—allowing for increased productivity with its 500 to 1,000 lbs. capacity. The tilt trucks feature an ergonomic steering handle with two paddle controls that can only be operated with two hands—making it safer to steer and maneuver. Rubbermaid’s Motorized Tilt Trucks, built to Rubbermaid’s high standard for durability, feature structural foam construction that is easy to clean. The hinged frame design enables the trucks to stay in the tilted position, making loading and unloading easier.