Designed to illuminate hard-to-reach areas for visual inspection, the new Portable LED Fiberoptic Probe from Titan Tool Supply Inc., Buffalo, New York, is available from stock for prices starting at $284.99 depending upon on the sizes and number of angled probe extensions ordered. Each probe extension slips on and securely snaps into place over the light source on the illuminator handle. The extensions come in three different angles, 180 degrees (straight), 90 degrees, and 45 degrees, each in diameters of 0.120-in., 0.058-in., and 0.030-in. to reach and illuminate areas with otherwise limited access, Titan states. Applications include:•    Internal inspection of automotive and aviation engines and other parts and systems•    Checking the interior of metal and plastic molds•    Electronic assembly and service•    HVAC/P installation and repair•    Building inspection•    Locksmiths•    Onsite repair technicians•    Security• Battery Power: 12V 7.2 Amp Hours (85 Min. run time @50W) Charge time 16 Hours. • Lamp: 8 Volt 50 Watt-Halogen 3350 ° Kelvin Color Temp. • Length: 5.5" • Width: 4.125" • Height: 6.5" • Weight: 8 Lbs. (2.3Lbs. Unit 5.7 Lbs for battery pack)