Hex Nuts and Flanged Hex Nuts With Smooth, Molded-In Threads

June 12, 2008

To complement its line of hi-strength molded bolts, Craftech proudly announces a line of improved hex nuts and flanged hex nuts with smooth, molded-in threads.

Our cost-effective nuts and bolts are widely used in a variety of commercial applications requiring such properties as high strength, corrosion resistance, low weight alternatives, electromagnetic or RFI shielding, fire retardance and low thermal conductivity.

Available in advanced plastic materials when strength and durability matter. Those materials include Isoplast, Ryton PPS and IXEF.

For available sizes and styles please visit our website.

Craftech Industries manufactures high performance plastic fasteners and components by CNC machining, screw machining and injection molding. Standard and custom plastic parts are manufactured to ANSI and DIN standards.