PN Series of Direct Drive Motors

July 8, 2008
NSK Precision America has introduced the PN series motor, a new addition to its Megatorque Motor line of direct drive motors. Offering similar performance to the company’s successful PS series, the PN models feature a much more compact design. Ideal for medium-sized applications, the PN series provides fast, precise and accurate positioning. The ultra-thin, compact 35 mm design increases flexibility, allowing for use in applications ranging from semiconductor chip inspection to tool changers for machine tools to medical liquid handling equipment. Capable of a maximum rotational speed of 2s-1, the PN series offers position sensor resolution of 2,621,440 counts/rev. An absolute position sensor provides positioning accuracy of 90 arc seconds, requiring no homing operations. The series’ interchangeable motors and driver units can be combined freely. PN series direct drive motors are controlled via an upgraded version of NSK’s Megaterm software. Featuring improvements that offer user-friendly editing, preparing and controlling functions, the latest version of Megaterm software can also be used with the PS series.