July 3, 2008
Custom heat transfer decals that can be applied to a wide variety of sub-strates to produce multi-color graphic decorations and descriptions using a dry process are available from SI-CAL, Inc. of Westborough, Massachusetts. SI-CAL Heat Transfer Decals are pre-printed graphic images that can be easily applied to substrates for creating permanent multi-color labels and decorations using a hot stamp press. Eliminating printing inks, solvents, and toxic fumes, this dry application process transfers an image in one hit with crisp ±0.008” registration and requires no special operator training. Developed to match specific customer requirements for adhesion, durability, and chemical resistance, SI-CAL Heat Transfer Decals are supplied on rolls with 1,000 to several million images. The firm specializes in formulating ink transfer chemistries to match the substrate and can supply decals in sizes from 1/4" to 12” sq., including types for in-mold application. SI-CAL Heat Transfer Decals are priced according to size, stock, and quantity requirements. Free samples are available upon request.