Hand Held Video Borescopes

July 16, 2008
Danatronics, Danvers, MA. is pleased to announce the release of the BoresEye 2010 and 2020  series of hand held Video Borescopes with still and video recording capabilities. Our New BoresEye series are designed as a simple, easy to use and affordable video inspection tool. The BoresEye 2010 offer a 5.5mm diameter camera with interchangeable lengths from 1-30M while the BoresEye 2020 utilizes the same field proven 1.17” waterproof ccd camera used in our ForeEyes product line. Both systems offer a high resolution 3.5” TFT screen, memory card and 3.5 hr. battery life. * Portable Borescope with multiple camera options * 3.5" High Contrast TFT display * USB out * AC Power * 3.5 hours of continuous use * Save Stills and Videos on Memory card (SD Card) * Lightweight, less than 1.5 lbs. * 1.17" diameter, high resolution color CCD camera * Available Single Side or Dual View Mirror * Available telescopic poles from 2-15 feet. * Available with gooseneck adapter * continuously variable light adjustment