Four New Fixed Focal Length Lenses for SWIR Cameras

June 25, 2008
Navitar Inc., a manufacturer of high precision optical assemblies for all machine vision applications, introduces four new fixed focal length imaging optics specifically designed for SWIR (short wave infrared) cameras and applications. Lens focal lengths include two 25mm designs, a 35mm and a 50mm design. As with all Navitar imaging optics, the new SWIR lenses are constructed for rugged environments and come standard with thumb screws for locking the focus and iris functions. Designed to cover 1” (16mm diagonal) sensors, the lenses offer high resolution images and transmission in the 700nm -1900nm wavelength of 75% or better. These lenses are ideal for a variety of imaging applications where SWIR cameras are employed, such as perimeter surveillance, food sorting, toll-way monitoring, border and port security, quality control or aerial imaging. In SWIR imaging applications there is a need for the optical system to efficiently transmit light in the visible, NIR and SWIR wavelengths. In order to accomplish this task, the lens design and coatings must be capable of maintaining a high level of transmission throughout a broad wavelength range. Navitar’s SWIR lenses are capable of offering high resolution images in conditions ranging from bright day light, fog / haze, twilight and dusk.