Black sun-readable operator panel

July 11, 2008
The new EXTER Sun Readable (available in Q4) from Beijer Electronics, featuring a unique viewing performance, is an important step in the right direction, satisfying the demand for intuitive HMI solutions for outdoor environments. It offers first-class readable displays in all light conditions, essential for complete process management. “Efficient functionality is combined with award winning design to provide the best in intuitive HMI, tailor-made for outdoor use” explains Marcus Jillgart, Global Product Manager for Premium Segment HMI at Beijer Electronics. “This compact sun-readable model is a significant addition, offering all the functionality and intuitive configuration software you get with the standard EXTER series, but with an elegant sun-readable display that provides excellent viewing performance in the direct glare of sunlight” he adds.  This unique sun-readable system features a brighter display, a polarisation filter and an antireflection filter. As Marcus Jillgart points out, “unpredictable light conditions can often limit the effectiveness of other operator panels, but the sun-readable panel can actually be easier to read in direct sunlight.” The EXTER Sun Readable is the perfect choice for round-the-clock use, as Marcus goes on to illustrate. “The EXTER Sun Readable features a clear, high-resolution screen, TFT display for optimal viewing and a 100% dimmable backlight to ensure the best possible night-time vision, making it the perfect all-weather, 24-hour a day HMI solution.”Easy-to-implement and durable for all outdoor applicationsThe EXTER Sun Readable is particularly suitable for the Process, Oil & Gas and Water & Irrigation industries, where reliable, robust and user-friendly HMI solutions are needed in outdoor environments at all hours and in all light conditions.It affords full interoperability with all major automation brands (more than 100 drivers are available) to satisfy all System Integrators specific needs. Less than 10 minutes is all you need to get the first application running and a wide selection of ready-made objects and functions enables the creation of applications by just pointing and shooting on the screen – it is possible see exactly how the final result will appear. Projects are created in a visual environment which gives a complete overview in the project manager so it is possible to see what is happening in the process.• With 640 x 480 pixels • High-resolution 6.5"