Dual Path Accumulation Conveyor

Aug. 14, 2008
An innovative conveyor system that features a bi-directional dual path to provided seamless belt-to-belt transfer is being introduced by SmartMove® Conveyors of Fall River, Massachusetts.  This unique all-in-one approach simplifies delivery systems by providing both accumulation and single file feed at the same time.       The dual path conveyor combines a Slewing Accumulator with a Seamless Side-to-Side Transfer system to virtually eliminate “log jams”. Areas of accumulation are constantly agitated at the seamless transition of the opposite moving belts. All anodized extruded aluminum construction with SmartMove’s exclusive safety yellow “snap-link” belting. Self-lubricating rodless belting runs without tensioners to provide maintenance free operation. Applications include: bottling, capping, medical, cosmetics, automation, or just about any round cornered product that can handle the sliding belt action.