Designed to position a container to the most convenient working height and angle, the innovative Z-Lift Tilter® from Southworth Products Corporation simplifies machine feeding applications.  Lift and tilt are achieved independently but with a single mechanism, making the unit an economical alternative to lift and tilt tables that require separate mechanisms for these two functions.

The Z-Lift Tilter is an ideal choice for almost any application that involves working with parts in containers, wire baskets, or totes.  The operator can independently control the height and angle of a container, using a foot switch or a hand-held controller, as the level of parts in the container changes.  With the container positioned at the most comfortable height and at any angle from +5° to -40°, reaching, bending, and stretching are minimized, thus reducing fatigue and back injuries and increasing productivity. Because it tilts down, instead of up like most other tilters, it makes accessing parts from oversized baskets especially easy.

Z-Lift Tilters are available in 3,000-, 4,000-, and 6,000-lb. capacities with 32" vertical travel.  There are two configurations: standard or pan style to accommodate loading containers with a hand pallet truck.  Platforms are all 48" long, with widths of 50" or 56".  All Z-Lift Tilters come equipped with an auto-stop toe sensor, which stops the platform descent when it encounters an obstruction.

• Capacity (lbs.) 4,000 • Standard Platform (in.) 44x48 • Overall Dimensions (in.) 44x48 • Max. Platform (in.) 60x56 • Lowered Height (in.) 14-1/4 • Vertical Travel (in.) 24 • Raised Height (in.) 38-1/4 • Angular Travel (deg.) 30 or 40 • Tilt Angle (deg.) 30 or 40 • Power Shop Air 80 PSI/80 CFM • Weight (lbs.) 1000