Alu-Jet-Cut Solid Carbide End Mills are uniquely designed for large-volume machining of aluminum. “The Alu-Jet-Cut end mills were developed with one intention, to devour aluminum. By incorporating a series of specialized features into one tool, we can present a tooling solution capable of doubling throughput as quickly and simply as the next tool-change,” said Mr. Stephen Jean, Milling Products Manager at Emuge Corp. Alu-Jet-Cut end mills are capable of cutting speeds in excess of 3,000 surface feet per minute. A tough, wear-resistant carbide substrate helps resist vibrations that could otherwise lead to premature chipping of cutting edges at the extremely high cutting speeds typical of the Alu-Jet-Cut range of operation. Additionally, an innovative chip conveyor (chip breaker) provides control over chip shape and directional flow to increase chip evacuation capacity, thus enabling stable operations with full radial engagement (slot milling), at 1 times diameter depth of cut to achieve material removal rates in excess of 650 cubic inches per minute. The tools undergo a specialized grind/polish process that provides a high quality surface within the flutes to dramatically reduce the tendency for aluminum build-up or “cold welding” along the cutting edges. This high quality surface combined with the shear velocity at which the tool operates, reduces the period of heat transfer from chip to tool by up to 60% that of standard carbide end mills. Alu-Jet-Cut end mills also feature progressive flute spacing to further minimize vibrations at high cutting speeds. For increased process safety and reliability, the tools offer a unique shank design by undergoing a special surface treatment to roughen the shanks while still maintaining an extra narrow h5 tolerance. This serves to increase the coefficient of static friction within the holder/shank interface, which is typically considered the weak spot in high volume machining. The tools are offered in various corner radii, roughing and finishing designs. Roughing cutters are available with 3-flutes and finishing cutters with 3- and 4-flutes. All tools are made with through-coolant capability that is also suitable for minimum-quantity lubrication.