New Techno A. R. T. Hand-held Controller Sets a New Standard for Ease of Use!

Sept. 15, 2008

New Hyde Park, NY – Techno, Inc. CNC Router Systems introduces the new easy-to-use A.R.T. (Advanced Remote Technology) hand-held controller for use with all Techno CNC Routers. Used in conjunction with any PC, the A.R.T allows the operator freedom to move around the machine during setup and operation while providing complete control of all machine functions through easy-to-read and understand menus on a color LCD touch-screen monitor.

A.R.T. is fully equipped with easy-to-understand button definition and explanation functions that allow complete access to all of the machines powerful controls without the need to decode complex squiggle symbols or reference to an operating manual. Machine operators using the A.R.T. will be able to view multiple screens that separate various controls by function groups. Jogging is as simple as touching the screens jog button. Now related jog functions like X, Y, Z and A-axis jogging/zeroing, jog speed, continuous and incremental step and tool calibration pad touch off are easily controlled with one finger.

“We engineered the A.R.T. controller to be easy-to-read and comprehend. The menus use words rather than symbols, resulting in a product which customers can use straight out of the box,” says Sales Manager, Roy Valentine. “The uses of symbols, commonly found on other hand-held controllers, force the operator to memorize meanings or refer to user-guides, increasing operation errors. Our new controller gives the machine operator basic menus on a color LCD, so execution of the machine’s controls is simple. All customers, existing and new, are going to love this great product, and I can’t wait to hear their success stories!”

Techno’s New A.R.T. Controller features IP 54 Dust protection, a 3-meter chord, multiple configuration languages, easy access USB port for memory sticks, mounting stand for stationary use and direct system control for uninterrupted maximum cutting performance.